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EAB News 2009-08-10 to 14: Somera Festivalo at Barlaston

Somera Festivalo 2009

The annual Somera Festivalo (previously the Summer School) took place, as usual, at Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston (Staffordshire) in August. As an experiment, it was reduced from a full week to 5 days (Monday-Friday), which everyone found perfectly acceptable - especially as it reduced the cost!

About 20 attended, as usual organised into two groups, the Progresantoj and the Progresintoj, led by respectively Jack Warren and Hilary Chapman. As well as all the usual language sessions (translation, discussion, drama, exercises, poetry - even singing!) there were 'guest lectures' in the evenings, from Jack (Muhammad Ali Jinnah - Fondinto de Pakistano), Hilary (his recent visit to Cameroon, in brilliant technicolour) and David Kelso (Humour in Esperanto literature) - and, of course, the unmissable Distra Vespero at the end of the week: exceptionally good this year, actually. At the end of the day's exertions, festivalanoj retired to the local pub, or the cocoa-den, depending on taste (but always in Esperanto!)

Next year is the 50th Summer School/Festivalo (2010-Aug-09 to 13), so if you've never been, ask for details.

David Kelso

David Kelso and Carolyn Wade during the Distra Vespero, as a Cameroon chief and his (15th?) wife ... courtesy of Hilary Chapman (i.e. costumes courtesy of Hilary; photo from John Murray; 15th wife ... well, what can one say?). Michael Simms joins in the fun.

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