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EAB News 2009-07-04 to 05: Jeb Summer Meet-Up

JEB (young British Esperantists) meet in Felixstowe

The third JEB summer meet-up took place between 4th and 5th July 2009 in the town of Felixstowe in Suffolk. A total of nine young Esperantists attended over the course of the weekend, making it one of the most successful JEB meetings of recent times. Some of us had very long journeys to get to Suffolk but we had beautiful weather, far better than the JEB meeting in July 2007 which found us in a flooded Stratford-upon-Avon, and it was worth the long drive to see the beautiful coastline and be able to stroll along the beach :)

Once everyone had arrived on Saturday night, we headed off to a local pub where we had a delicious meal and the chance to have a proper chat with one another. Conversations took place in a mixture of Esperanto and English, to ensure that everybody was included. Memories of old times were shared, as well as plans for the forthcoming summer, when many members of JEB will be travelling overseas to attend international Esperanto events such as the UK and IJK.

On Sunday we decided to take advantage of the good weather to see the sights of Felixstowe. It had been recommended to us that we should visit Landguard Fort, an old military installation on the nearby coastline, and so a group of us set off along the beach to try and find it. It was a very interesting place to visit and we all learnt a lot about the history of the local area.

After a final meal together on Sunday afternoon, it was time for our ways to part once more as we embarked on our long journeys home. The next JEB meeting is planned to take place in the early Autumn, provisionally in the London area. If you are interested in taking part, or would like to meet up with any of us on an informal basis, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at the JEBsite:

Claire Hunter

For more pictures, see the JEB picture gallery.

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