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EAB News 2008-10-24: 'Course You Can and ODD events at Barlaston

EAB Double event: 'Course You Can and The ODD Weekend

During the weekend of October 24th to 26th EAB hosted not one but two events at Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston.

The latest in a successful series of beginners' courses, 'Course You Can gave beginners and post-beginners some face-to-face tuition and practice in the language Esperanto, guided by experienced Esperanto teacher Malcolm Jones. As before, deserving students who had completed the EAB Free Postal Course or Elementary,..! Esperanto Course enjoyed an event subsidy from EAB.

In parallel, more experienced Esperantists enjoyed The ODD weekend. "ODD" stands for "Open Democracy Discussion", and this was a forum for discussion and debate (in Esperanto) on a range of social topics, guided by Derek Tatton.

Both groups joined together at mealtimes to enjoy the traditional hospitality of Wedgwood Memorial College in a truly Espearanto atmosphere, and the bookshop in Esperanto House was opened for the event, allowing everyone to browse and buy.

Both events were successful and (subject to demand) will be repeated in 2009. Currently both events are scheduled for Jan-16 to 18, with a further 'Course You Can on Oct-23 to 25. See the EAB Events page for details and links.

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