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EAB News 2008-02-14: EAB Management Committee response

Mangement Committee responds to accusations

The following announcement appears in EAB Update No 41 (April-June 2008).

Many members will have received a communication from Ian Fantom in which he makes various scurrilous and possibly defamatory statements about the Trustees of the Association (that is, against the current members of the Management Committee). Some have contacted us asking for an explanation, worrying perhaps that there is no smoke without fire.

We wish to reassure members that there is no substance in the suggestion that we would intentionally act against the best interests of the Association.

For example,

Ian Fantom's communication bears the implication that we, the current Trustees, are determined to destroy the Association and harm the Esperanto movement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am answerable to the members, as are the other Trustees. At each AGM you vote for each of us or against us (or abstain). We thank you for the backing you have regularly given us over the years, and look to you to continue to give it.

Like us, Ian is a talented and dedicated supporter of Esperanto. We regret and resent that he should imagine that we are working against it.

John Wells
President, EAB
19 Feb 2008

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