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EAB News 2008-01-18 to 20: Ni Festivalu!

Ni Festivalu! 2008

This year, the weekend was very varied. The drama group concentrated on works by Julio Baghy, and on the first evening everyone joined in the provlegado [read-through] of the first Baghy play En maskobalo. This year the emphasis was on conveying emotion in dramatic presentation - really challenging!

After that, while the core drama group continued, a discussion circle settled down in armchairs to consider a series of mind-stretching subjects. This activity was so agreeable that it will be proposed next year, and we hope that SATEB members will come along.

The picture shows (from right) Clare Hunter, Tim Owen, Eric Walker, Szofia Korody, Derek Tatton, David Kelso.

The education team met separately to discuss Springboard to Languages - in particular the application for Comenius funding. If successful, it will link British schools teaching Esperanto with others in Europe.

The picture shows (from right) Tim Morley with Angela Tellier (project leader), Ilona Fedor from Hungary and Szofia Korody from the Esperanto town of Herzberg, in Germany.

In the Butler Library, cataloguing and research continued during the weekend.

The groups mixed at mealtimes for chat, laughs and physical nourishment, and on Saturday evening for a lecture by Paul Gubbins on the plays of Baghy. A great weekend to cheer up the winter!

Joyce Bunting

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