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EAB News 2008-01-05: Nobel Peace Price Nomination

British MPs nominate Esperanto's world-wide association for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize

Thanks to the activity of Esperanto-Lobby activists, who have used the United Nations' International Year of Languages to promote Esperanto, several British MP's have nominated the language's world-wide association, UEA (the Universal Esperanto Association), for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. They are:

[Update: the above list has been extended since the our original report on 2008-01-05, as and when we've learned of more MPs submitting nominations.]

The nomination they submitted reads:

The International Language Esperanto is regular and relatively easy to learn, is currently in use by a worldwide community and is employed in world travel, correspondence, cultural exchange, conventions, literature, language instruction, radio broadcasting, and on the internet.

Esperanto already serves as a common auxiliary language, fostering effective and fair international communication.

The Universala Esperanto-Asocio (UEA) supports linguistic diversity, democracy, human emancipation, and a global culture for peace.

Because Esperanto contributes to, education for international understanding, and because understanding is essential for peace, I wish to nominate the Universala Esperanto-Asocio for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008.

The following short videos on youtube (in English) and google (in Esperanto with English subtitles) give some background information on the language Esperanto and its role in international communication.

[Update 2008-02-05 EAB president Professor John Wells is interviewed on the BBC World Service about the nominations.]

[Update 2008-06-18 In the lower house of the Polish parliament (the Sejm), a vote that Esperanto receive the Nobel Peace Prize this year was approved with 397 votes in favour and none against. Poland has strong ties with the language Esperanto since its initiator L.L.Zamenhof lived there.]

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