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EAB News 2007-03-16: Manchester Primary Languages Show

Springboard at the Primary Languages Conference & Show

Springboard logo Once again this year, 16-17 March, EAB's Springboard to Languages project was represented at the prestigious Primary Languages Conference and Show, at the Manchester Conference Centre.

The stall featured Springboard's highly attractive teaching materials, including the popular posters designed by Angela Tellier and Peter Oliver, a range of colourful books and CDs for use with the pack, and Angela's latest publication, "Wise Owl Grammar", which is designed to improve children's (English) literacy through the medium of Esperanto, whose grammar is so much more regular than English grammar, and thus easily accessible to young learners.

Angela, Helen Fantom and David Kelso manned the stall in turns; Paul Gubbins and Matthew Tellier also lent a hand. This year we were able not only to describe and explain the programme, but also to report on our two very successful pilot schools, in Cambridge and Lancashire. There was a steady stream of enquirers, a good number of whom remembered the project from last year - a good sign!

A presentation on the project also featured in the Conference's Talks Programme, albeit in a lunchtime slot, not the best time. Nevertheless, about 20 people came along and there was no shortage of questions following David's short presentation. Since the Show, serious follow-up enquiries have been made by several schools and LEA officials, which may result in further pilots. Fingers crossed.

David Kelso

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