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EAB News 2007-01-19 to 21: Ni Festivalu!

Ni Festivalu!

Saturday January 20th was the first full day of Ni Festivalu, and the date of my first visit both to Barlaston and Esperantujo. My fears about being misunderstood and unable to communicate in my fledgling Esperanto were instantly allayed, as within fifteen minutes of arrival I found myself with script in hand acting out a scene from a play. This, my first attempt at speaking Esperanto aloud, could have been quite terrifying, but the warm and friendly atmosphere which prevailed at Barlaston throughout the whole weekend immediately put me at ease.

Over the course of two days, participants not only had the opportunity to read and take roles in two sophisticated Esperanto plays, but also to preview some of the delightful pieces written for children as part of the Springboard project. The latter provided much hilarity, and it was indeed a sight to behold so many esteemed members of the British Esperanto movement doing impressions of farmyard animals.

Entertainment was not lacking in the evening either, where Paul Gubbins insightful lecture on the history of the Esperanto drama provided some intellectual stimulation. This was followed by a trip to the pub and a chance to mingle with other participants and use Esperanto in a relaxed and informal environment. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend with something to offer everyone, from the established Esperantist ... to the beginner with no theatrical talent!

Clare Hunter:

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