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EAB News 2006-11-09: Radio Poland's Esperanto broadcast mentions Britain

Radio Poland in Esperanto

A news item in Thursday's Esperanto-language broadcast from Radio Poland was of particular interest to British Esperantists. British Esperantist Ian Mac Dowall writes:

Yes, from today it is possible to download the broadcasts from Radio Polonia en Esperanto again; visit the Esperanto broadcasts archive page for Radio Poland and select the relevant day's broadcast, from the choice of the previous week's transmissions. [You may have to fast-forward 1 minute, to skip the station's ident jingle.]

The broadcast of Thursday 9th November has reports on the President of Poland's visit to England and Scotland, and is well worth listening to, as all these broadcasts are, but please, please, please send your comments in to the head of the Esperanto section, Barbara Pietrzak at or if only to say "Mi ĝojis auskulti vian elsendon de ĵaudo la 9an novembro" plus your name, town and country of course!

I've just spoken to Barbara on the 'phone, and she and her colleagues are most grateful for the worldwide support they are receiving and so richly deserve. She is still somewhat pessimistic about the future though, so keep those letters rolling in to them!

Editor's note: The daily half-hour broadcast from Radio Poland is the premier daily Esperanto-language radio/audio service enjoyed by the Esperanto community. It is highly respected for both the professional quality of its topical content, and the excellent Esperanto pronunciation of its speakers. Esperanto students and practitioners across the world use it to train and maintain their "Esperanto ears", while keeping in touch with news and events in Poland and across the world. But this service can only survive if people actually listen to it, and send its editiorial staff feedback and evidence of how much they use and enjoy it.

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