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EAB News 2005-04-30 Scarborough AGM

Scarborough AGM

[This is a "stop press" summary. A more complete and authoritative report appears in the July-September issue of EAB Update and is reproduced on the EAB reports page]

80 people took part in the Esperanto-Asocio de Britio Annual General Meeting at Green Gables Hotel, Scarborough on Sunday 30th April 2006, within the framework of the 2006 British Esperanto Congress.

John Wells read out a list of members who had passed away in the previous year, and there was a moment's silence in their memory. The minutes of the previous AGM were approved (with one change); the trustees' report for 2005 and annual accounts were approved; the independent examiners (who perform the auditing function) were re-appointed; the annual subscriptions were left unchanged.

Two resolutions were discussed, with voting by a show of hands. Resolution 1, asking the management committee to welcome and give due consideration to suggestions, ideas and criticisms from members, was approved (majority for, one abstain, none against). Resolution 2, expressing concern at the apparent overuse of confidentiality and the data protection act, was not approved (13 for, 11 abstain, 25 against).

The members of the new management committee (and hence Trustees of the charity) were elected by a ballot. Arthur Sly, Elizabeth Stanley and Tom Shorney acted as vote-counters and scrutineers. The results announced by the scrutineers were:

* This figure initially announced suffered a transcription error and was read out as "17"; this was subsequently spotted and corrected by the scruitineers. Because of the variation in total votes counted for each canditate, the trustees subsequently arranged for a recount of the votes by office manager Viv O'Dunne; this produced one major difference (92 votes for Edmund Grimley-Evans) but no change to the results of the election.

John Wells was re-elected as the (uncontested) president of the association.

Many topics were discussed; a considerable portion of the meeting taken up with the previous actions, decisions and conduct of certain members and trustees, both over the past year and spanning the last (circa) ten years. The tone of the meeting was not harmonious.

discussion during AGM EAB members at AGM

- Vilĉjo Walker

The 2007 British Esperanto Congress is in Letchworth on 2007-May-04 to 07.

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