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EAB News 2005-11-06: EAB launches "Springboard... to languages" at the London Language Show

EAB at the 2005 London Language Show

EAB mounted a stall at this year's London Language Show, promoting the international language Esperanto. This year, a special aim of the presentation was to launch the "Springboard... to Languages" project, which gives primary school children an introduction to foreign language concepts.

The stall was staffed by vounteers of all ages; many of the vistors were young people and they naturally gravitated towards our younger presenters Gavan, Hannah and Tim. Almost all the primary school teachers who visited the stand thought the "Springboard" programme a good idea; many are only teaching languages for the last two two of the four years required by the National Languages Strategy, and could see that Springboard would be a very beneficial introduction programme, to fill the first two years. Over fifty teachers and language coordinators asked to be sent more information.

EAB's stand
Photo by Gavan Fantom. More pictures

This year, besides staffing a stall throughout the three days of the show, EAB also gave a formal presentation followed by questions and answers, again on project Springboard. The contribution by "real" Esperanto teachers (Elizabeth, Helen, David and Angela) was well received. It was the last slot of the last day, but nevertheless attracted about 80 people.

More details about Project "Springboard... to Languages" are available on the Springboard website It was also featured in a recent Guardian article.


A more comprehensive report on the show will be published in a future issue of EAB Update.

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