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EAB News 2005-11-00: EAB publishes its first DVD

New award-winning interactive DVD from EAB

EAB has published its first 'home-grown' DVD. It is suitable for computer for television, and includes interactive exercises, transcript and an essay.

The fourteen-minute film features the monologue La Duonokulvitro, performed by Colin Simmonds, filmed in the grounds of Wedgwood Memorial college, and accompanied by great music and subtitles! It is a brilliant educational resource.

La Duonokulvitro is the first known piece written for the theatre in Esperanto. It is by French Algerian August Baissac, originally published in 1905.

The DVD - marking 100 years of Esperanto theatre - won a prize at the Belartaj Konkursoj de UEA in 2005.

The film may be watched with or without Esperanto subtitles. The text of the monologue is available by computer, and there is also an essay by Paul Gubbins on the drama, with exercises and solutions suitable for use at home, in the classroom, individually or in a group. There is the option to view the film with or without Esperanto-language subtitles, so viewers can read the text while they see and hear it spoken.

It really is excellent and hugely enjoyed by those who watch it.

DVD cover

For more details about the DVD and the monologue's origins (in Esperanto), see La Duonokulvitro - resumo.

Launch price: £7.00 (or £8.05 including UK P&P). Or, as a special offer, buy La Duonokulvitro DVD + Verdaj Voĉoj CD-ROM together for only £12.00 (or £13.80 including UK P&P) from EAB, Esperanto House, Station Road, Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent, ST12 9DE.

For details of other DVDs sold by EAB, see the DVD section of the EAB bookshop catalogue.

Work is already in hand preparing EAB's next DVD publication, a re-issue of the 1987 production La Graveco de la Fideliĝo, again with optional Esperanto-language subtitles.

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