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EAB News 2005-06-10 Scottish Esperanto Congress

Successful 100th Scottish Esperanto Congress

[This is a summary translation of a report by David Bisset on the secretary's blog of the Scottish Esperanto-Association's website.]

Around 65 people from 9 countries participated in the four day event. The sun shone, and the panorama of the western islands and hills was beautiful.

The standard of the lectures was outstandingly high. Everyone used Esperanto when chatting among themselves, and there was a friendly atmosphere.

On Sunday all the events took place on a neighbouring island in the Cathedral of the Isles. There were other excursions to a museum, a castle, the town of Largs, and nearby hills.

There was plenty of culture on hand too: recitations, classical and popular music, drama and singing.

As always, everyone ate well!

Renato Corsetti, president of the World Esperanto Association (UEA), informed us in detail about the world situation relating to Esperanto.

Congratulations to Jean Bisset, president of the Esperanto-Association of Scotland, and the main motor of the Jubilee congress!

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