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EAB news 2005-02-28

A new web-site layout for EAB

Visitors to will already have noticed that we have a new website layout. This reflects the Management Committee's decision to subdivide the site in order to share the workload of managing and administering it.

Many themes from the earlier website are still present within the organisation section:

The top level page is available in both Esperanto and English. The Esperanto version explains "Ĉar niaj servoj, informoj, lerniloj, ktp celas la anglaparolantan publikon, la plejparto de nia TTT-ejo estas en la angla lingvo. Tamen la paĝoj pri nia Esperanto-lingva revuo (La Brita Esperantisto) kaj nia biblioteko de Esperanto-libroj ja troveblas ankaŭ en Esperanto."

The presentation and navigation style of our new web pages was designed by Matthew Tellier, and is engineered to be more accessible for visually and physically handicapped visitors.

The previous versions of the EAB website were managed by Ian Fantom and, before him, David Bisset. Many of the archived news stories and articles were written by them.

We hope that the new website is attractive to both EAB members, and members of the public who are interested in learning more about our language and association. If you spot any obvious omissions or errors, the webmaster will be pleased to hear from you.

EAB news 2005-03-15

Website update

The new EAB website has expanded to include:

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