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EAB news 2004-10-09 Management Committee meet

Points from the October meeting

(From EAB Update, No 28, Jan-Mar 2005)

The latest meeting of EAB's Management Committee took place in London on 9 October. Present were David Bisset, Joyce Bunting, Helen Fantom, Derek Tatton and John Wells. Terry Page was invited to report on preparations for Boulogne 2005 and other congress matters. Apologies were received from Edmund Grimley Evans and Geoffrey Sutton.


A proposal was received from the Esperanto Federation of Yorkshire and Humberside to host the British Esperanto Congress in Whitby in 2006. The Committee have with thanks accepted the proposal in principle. Also, the Committee have received a proposal to convene in Letchworth in 2007.

As already announced, EAB's Annual General Meeting will take place at 13:00 on 7 May at the Baptist Church, Bloomsbury, London.

The deadline for the proposal of candidates for the Management Committee is 31 January.

It was noted with thanks that Paul Gubbins represented EAB on the 'Komitato de UEA' at the World Congress, and greeted participants on behalf of British Esperantists.


It was reported that the new edition of Mil Unuaj Vortoj had already sold 400 copies.

Albert Goodheir's widow has kindly granted permission for publication of his works. A start had already been made on this project.

An agreement had been reached with UEA under which they will market future issues of La Brita Esperantisto.

It was agreed to sell ELNA (Esperanto-Ligo por Norda Ameriko) 300 copies of Teach Yourself Esperanto.

Stocks of Jen Nia Mondo 1 have become exhausted, and new sources of both the book and the pronunciation recordings need to be found. It is intended to transfer the recordings from cassette tape on to CDs. The possibility of digitising both the text and audio parts of Jen Nia Mondo and making them freely available via the internet are being looked into in consultation with the American association.

EAB office

It has been agreed to purchase a new computer system for the EAB office.

The Committee have also drawn up a plan for crisis management of the EAB office.

A new EAB Handbook has been budgeted for, and David Kelso hopes to finish editing it in late summer for projected distribution in or around October.


Discussions are continuing between the Committee, headed by Derek Tatton, and Liverpool University on the future of the Buchanan Esperanto Lectureship.

It was agreed that Angela Tellier, EAB 's Education Co-ordinator, work officially for an increased number of hours.

It was noted that unless a minimum of 18 students enrol for the annual Barlaston Summer School (Summer Festival), EAB will need to support it financially.

It is intended to republish William Auld's translation exercises Traduku in book form, in particular for the Advanced Examination. They originally appeared in La Brita Esperantisto.


A report on preparations for EAB's stand at the three-day London Language Show in early November was received. The 1,000-euro donation by a Japanese patron for European activity was used to purchase a large, professionally produced banner.

EAB's website was again under review. A deal of progress had been achieved. Both work and discussions are continuing. Jim Voiels continues as Public Relations Officer for EAB, working officially for an increased number of hours.

The Committee asked Edmund Grimley Evans to undertake Renato Corsetti's (President of UEA) request that EAB send the 'Pekina Deklaro' kaj 'Rezolucio Nitobe' to the Foreign Secretary, the UNESCO Commission and the United Nations Association.

A new pamphlet on Esperanto is being compiled, although proofs have yet to be approved.

Butler Library

The Committee received two documents on recent activities and a list of rules governing the loan of books and other documents held by the library.

The library website is already attracting overseas visitors. It was thought desirable that the site should have its own website address.

Consultations on the purchase of up-to-date computer equipment have already taken place and will continue. The Committee expressed its thanks to Jean Bisset for her valuable work.

Congratulations, Bill!

The Committee sent William Auld a greetings card for the occasion of his 80th birthday on 8 November.

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