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EAB Archive 2004-05-00 British Congress Felixstowe

(From Esperanto-Asocio de Skotlando

British Esperanto Congress 2004

The Congress took place in at the beginning of May in Felixstowe, England. Felixstowe is across the harbour from Harwich, which is a well known ferry port in East Anglia.

About 85 persons participated from various countries, including 5 from Scotland. The Congress venue was the Marlborough Hotel: comfortable and well situated beside the promenade. The facilities and cuisine were excellent!

The lecture programme was rich and varied; and in addition there were lessons for beginners and many discussion sessions. The guest of honour was Ziko Sikosek from Germany; he worked hard, even drawing the lottery tickets!

The AGM of the Esperanto Association of Britain was well attended. There was vigorous debate, but a real sense of common purpose; and constitutional changes were solidly ratified.

The 6 Association Trustees were elected almost unanimously: John Wells, David Bisset, Joyce Bunting, Edmund Grimley Evans, Helen Fantom and Geoffrey Sutton.

The new President is Professor John Wells, who (in an important procedural change) was directly elected by the membership. John Wells is Professor of Phonetics at London University, a former President of the World Esperanto Association (UEA) and President of the London Esperanto Club. He becomes President after Edmund Grimley Evans, who has presided during the important move from London to Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston.

One of the themes of the Congress was the Centenary of the Esperanto Association of Britain. This was celebrated at the banquet; but the theme ran through the Congress.

The Local Committee worked hard and effectively; and Felixstowe with its Edwardian streetscape, Martello towers and Landguard Fort certainly merited a visit.

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