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EAB website archive 2003-07-01

Featured Site - Open Directory Project: Esperanto Section

The web continues to grow at staggering rates. Automated search engines are increasingly unable to turn up useful results to search queries. The small paid editorial staffs at commercial directory sites can't keep up with submissions, and the quality and comprehensiveness of their directories has suffered. Link rot is setting in and they can't keep pace with the growth of the Internet.

Instead of fighting the explosive growth of the Internet, the Open Directory provides the means for the Internet to organize itself. As the Internet grows, so do the number of net-citizens. These citizens can each organize a small portion of the web and present it back to the rest of the population, culling out the bad and useless and keeping only the best content

The link below is to the Esperanto section of this great project. Do some searching and you will discover the immensity of the Esperanto Web presence. Be warned! You will find it hard to leave; and you may be tempted to collaborate!

Bonvolu klaki la suban ligilon kaj vi ekvojagos sur la vasta maro de virtuala Esperantujo!

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