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EAB archive 2003-06-20 ManCom June Meeting

ManCom June Meeting

At a weekend seminar of the EAB Management Committee in Barlaston June 20-22, EAB's education co-ordinator, Angela Tellier, made a presentation on courses in production, EAB's information officer, Ian Fantom, present ed an 11 page Information Strategy and Implementation Review, and PR consultant Jim Voiels presented his ideas on how to develop local publicity. More information for members is given in the hard copy newsletter EAB Update.

The EAB Management Committee was elected at the AGM in Glasgow during the British Congress in May. See the new list on the web page (linked below).

David Kelso is to step down as EAB Director of Development after two crucial years for EAB.

The main point of discussion at the AGM was on which officers should be voted on by the AGM, and which should be decided internally within the Management Committee. The intention is to propose an amended constitution at next year's AGM

The Management Committee is to review progress and policy at a weekend residential meeting in June. The main items will be courses and information, with presentations by the newly appointed Education Co-ordinator, Angela Tellier, and Information Officer, Ian Fantom.

The EAB booklist on this site has been revised, following complaints that users of Internet Explorer 6 could view only the source code. This turned out to be a bug in Internet Explorer 6; to read the latest version of html ('xhtml') you needed an older browser!.

The location for next year's British Esperanto Congress hasn't yet been decided. There have been tentative offers, but nothing concrete. A suggestion of a cruise was made at the AGM, but there would be a question of when and where the AGM would be held. A local congress committee doesn't have to be all that local nowadays, as long as there are one or two local people on it. Any more invitations?

David Kelso is looking for people to summarise and translate - at short notice - from Esperanto into English (I presume, but could Gaelic and Welsh) some of the lectures to be given at the World Esperanto Congress this Summer.

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