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EAB Archive 2002-05-00 Building Work Finished

New British HQ now open!

Building work finished exactly on schedule at the end of May 2002 at Wedgwood Memorial College, Barlaston, Stoke-on-Trent.

The architect deserves congratulation for a conversion of the Coach House plus an elegant extension which relate admirably to the adjacent Edwardian house. The local builder coped with all the challenges which inevitably arise in any contract.

The HQ consists of an Office, Butler Library, ancillary rooms and three bedrooms named after stalwarts of the British Esperanto scene: Auld, Boulton and Barks.

The Butler Library arrived from storage at the beginning of June, and after two weeks of Heroic labour by Hon. Librarian, Geoff King, Chair of Library Committee, David Bisset, and committee member, Jean Bisset, aided by strong Man, David and Champion Duster, Sam, the books are on the shelves. The sequence is not perfect; there is much conservation work to be done; and the future task are immense. But the first crucial step has been completed. The transfer of the Esperanto Office from its temporary accommodation in the Wedgwood Library took almost three weeks; but the main tasks were completed ahead of schedule by the beginning of July. The joint- Administrators, Viv and Lydia, helped by Joyce Bunting and various members of college staff now are located in a well equipped and well designed Office. As at the middle of July much progress had already been made in relation to the environs of the new HQ and the establishment of the adjacent Esperanto Garden. Thanks are due to Jean Bisset, Garden sub-committee, and Pam Howe, horticultural advisor. Like the Butler library much remains to be done; but the critical first steps have been taken.

The Official Opening of the new HQ by World Esperanto President, Dr. Renato Corsetti, from Rome on the 17th September 2002 will underline the importance of this new development for Esperanto in the UK.

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