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EAB Archive 2001-12-12 Building Begins at Barlaston

Building Work Begins!

After the long negotiations and some final technicalities work began on the new HQ on Wednesday 12th December 2001.

The job involves the conversion of the former coach house for office use, 3 bedrooms in the roof space, and the building of a room for the Butler Library to the rear. There will also be some landscaping and the creation of a Peace Garden.

The architects are Wood, Goldstraw & Yorath, and the builder Kettle & Talbot. It is estimated that the work will be completed by 15th May 2002. The next site meeting will take place on 10th January 2002.

Photographs were taken by Lydia on 20th December 2001; a full photographic record will be taken for archival and publicity reasons. The commencement of building is a Red Letter Day for Esperanto in Britain!

Wedgwood: Further Progress

EAB issued a "Letter of Intent" to the contractor on 3rd October. There was a pause while he took legal advice but I've now heard from our Solicitor "I am pleased to say that I have today received the countersigned Letter of Intent from Kettle & Talbot."

David Kelso also reports: "Our Architect is having a site meeting with the contractor and Dr. Derek Tatton, Principal of Wedgwood Memorial College, on 12 November and work is scheduled to start on 19 November. The contract price is unchanged and the contractor still hopes to finish in 20 weeks. By my reckoning, that takes us to early April, which is just in time for the Congress 2002 and in good time for an official opening in August".

Apparently the builder can't start immediately because he has another job on at the moment; that is understandable because he's been waiting for the Letter of Intent since June, and we can't expect him to have kept his books clear for four months! I am relieved that there is no increase to the cost quote given on March 22nd, seven months ago!

Working at Wedgwood!

Small but complicated contractual details have delayed the beginning of the construction of the Esperanto Office and Library at Wedgwood Memorial College. This has been a cause of much frustration; but it is imperative that all legal matters must be in perfect order.

However, EAB is now firmly established at the college in temporary accommodation in the college library. Almost everything has been moved from Ipswich, although the Butler Library remains in storage.

David Kelso has been much involved with the transfer; and a difficult situation has been ameliorated by the positive co-operation of Principal Derek Tatton and his marvellous staff.

The systems set-up at Ipswich are being even further rationalised; and two members of the college staff, Viv and Dawn, have also been working part-time for EAB.

As a result of changes at Wedgwood, more space will soon be made available to the Association which will facilitate the smooth running of operations. It has also been decided to further invest in IT.

So the delay is being used creatively; and it can certainly be declared that many of the challenges of the new Office are being met and overcome even before the first sod is cut!

David W. Bisset

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