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EAB Archive 2001-00-00 New EAB HQ Staff

(The EAB office relocated from Ipswich to temporary accommodation at Barlaston during 2001, while the negotiations with Stoke on Trent and subsequent building work for a permanent HQ were conducted.)

New Esperanto HQ Staff Introduce Themselves!

Lydia Arnold

I have been involved with Wedgwood Memorial College for some years in various capacities (including domestic assistant, library assistant and secretarial assistant). I worked part-time at the College whilst at Keele University. I have long been involved with the village too; Barlaston is the village in which I grew up and is closest to my heart. (it is great to be back here to work again)

At University I read Educational Studies and Geography with Mathematics and I completed a PGCE. I then moved South to Essex and in to the field of Continuing and Professional Education within health and social care. Based at Anglia Polytechnic University, I have been engaged with learning technology based research.

After being flooded in 2000 we decided to return to higher ground and I took time out to start a family. This takes up most of my spare time now but I also enjoy playing squash (although I'm pretty awful!), reading (Tony Parsons, Nick Hornby and Rosalind Coward - odd combination I know) and I try to keep up to date with computers and web design.

I have no previous experience of Esperanto, but have recently begun learning Esperanto via the Internet Viva course. I am in competition with Viv to see who is fluent first; so any tips welcome!

Vivien O'Dunne

I have lived in Barlaston for most of my life, I was brought up in the village and, after a brief stint in the city of Stoke-on-Trent and the Peak District, I am now lucky enough to be raising my own two children in this quaint community.

Before coming to Wedgwood Memorial College in 1994, I was employed in the family retail business within the village and I was also able to spend some time as a hairdresser for which I trained after leaving full time education. I arrived at the College initially as a casual domestic worker, but the friendly environment coupled with the varied work pattern enticed me to accept a permanent position.

To broaden my repertoire I am currently working towards a Diploma in Computer Applications. I have thus far found this to be an invaluable learning experience which may be especially useful in this new position.

In my scant spare time I have a very busy family life, I enjoy listening to many types of music (from classical to pop) and cooking vegetarian food (although I still burn toast regularly). I also enjoy video games much the to disbelief of my children. A recent addition to my spare time is my new found hobby - Esperanto! I have just begun the Free Postal Course and am looking forwards to becoming fluent.

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