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EAB Archive 2000 Scottish Congress

Small is Beautiful!

The 95th Congress of the Scottish Esperanto Association had less than 30 participants but it was the most stimulating of experiences with an ethos of friendly internationalism.

We learned much about Leith, the ancient port of Edinburgh, by means of walks, lectures and study tours of the hostelries and restaurants! The Bahai Hall was an intimate and friendly venue, with good facilities and a succession of buffet meals!

The visit to the Royal Yacht was a fascinating experience; it probably provided the most dramatic example of life "upstairs" and "downstairs" which anyone had ever seen.

Mayra from Cuba provided charm, much information about Cuba and a demonstration of the salsa!

Ed Robertson laid down his presidential burden; and the new President is Charlie Dornan. Sian Leitch is the new Vice President.

Ed's new 6 lesson course was unveiled in beta form and also new material for teenagers. The committee was re-elected with the addition of David Kelso.

They have even chosen venues for 2002 (Inverness) and 2003 (Edinburgh). Now that is really something!

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