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EAB Archive 2000-04-21 British Congress

British Congress in Appleby - Report

Esperanto Way

A highlight of Appleby 2000 was the naming of Esperanto Way. it is situated within a small industrial estate on the outskirts of Appleby. Dr. Marjorie Boulton, the eminent Esperanto author, in her inaugural speech emphasised that the industrial estate was a centre of international commerce; trucks came and went from all Europe. Therefore it was not inappropriate for one of the hundreds of Esperanto street names throughout the world. She also liked the term "way", for Esperanto is a Way to international understanding. Hopefully the name would arouse curiosity among local people and truck drivers from further afield.

Appleby 2000 a big success!

The sun shone most of the time at Appleby; but the atmosphere was always warm! The Opening ceremony was graced by the participation of the Mayor of Appleby and by the local MP. As there were a reasonable number of non-English speakers, Hilary Chapman acted as interpreter, a task which he accomplished with tremendous panache. A large number of participants made the famous scenic rail journey to Skipton on the Saturday and took the chance to visit Skipton Castle, which has an explanatory leaflet in Esperanto.

On Saturday evening the participants were regaled by the world premiere of the Esperanto version of La Fantoma Trajno, Arnold Ridley's famous play, brilliantly translated by Stephen Thompson. The audience were enthralled by the humorous suspense of the production. The cast came from many parts of Britain, but gave no indication of the shortage of rehearsal time as they brought the old classic (written 75 years ago) to life. Well done all!

AGM enthusiastically supports Barlaston move

On Sunday morning the AGM of EAB was exemplary, with intelligent contributions from the floor and pertinent questions. After Dr. Derek Tatton, Principal of Wedgwood Memorial College, gave a clear exposition of the present contractual position and a summary of the many positive advantages which would accrue to the Association, all aspects of the move to Wedgwood Memorial College were discussed at length. The policy to relocate there, subject to the final contractual details, was endorsed without one voice to the contrary. Therefore the new MANCOM has the firmest of mandates. Appreciation was also expressed to the hard working team who are keeping the flag flying at the temporary HQ at Ipswich.

The choir of Appleby Parish Church processing towards the choir stalls singing in beautiful Esperanto was one of the most moving moments of the Ecumenical service on Sunday afternoon. Reg Bedford, a fluent Esperanto speaker and Church of England Lay Reader, led the service. The final official item of the Weekend was a buffet meal followed by three hours of singing in a local hostelry. Who said Esperanto is dull?! Stephen Thompson, compered and sang his heart out :no doubt pleased that his labour and that of the other local committee members, had not been in vain!

On Easter Monday 30 participants walked the fells with Stephen; others shopped, visited castles and stately homes, or simply relaxed! The sun shone brightly; we were, of course, in Eden!

David W. Bisset

Appleby 2000 Proving Popular


Stephen Thompson, the President of the Local Committee, reports that bookings for the Weekend are rolling in! "Appleby will be the Esperanto Capital of Britain during the Easter Weekend", he adds. "The town will be saturated with publicity regarding Esperanto !" He, however, recommends early booking of accommodation with the local Tourist Office. "There is a wide variety of accommodation in Appleby and round about; but visitors abound in the Lake District during Easter."

So get that booking in and ensure that you are within walking distance of the Congress Centre!

Esperanto 2000 in Appleby: 21st -23rd April 2000


The Morcambe Bay Esperanto Society invites you to spend Easter in this historic Cumbrian town. There is a wide range of accommodation to suit all tastes. One of the main speakers will be Doctor Paul Gubbins, an outstanding educationalist and also an expert concerning railways which is one of the main themes of the congress. Stephen Thompson former President of the Esperanto Association of Britain says that a relaxing and stimulating weekend is guaranteed !

There will be a unique opportunity of seeing Arnold Ridley's play "The Phantom Train" translated by Stephen. This play was first presented in 1925. Its writer was a member of the cast of Dads Army and played the part of Mr Godfrey.

The AGM of the Esperanto Association of Britain will take place during the Conference. Further details and application forms may be obtained by contacting the Association by any of the methods on the front page.

Web Editor Visits Eden


Appleby looked beautiful even in winter when your Editor visited it for a meeting of the Esperanto Publicity Commission. It is certainly one of the most charming towns in England, with an extraordinary main street leading from the mediaeval parish church to the castle. Its layout is ancient, but it possesses a rare Georgian elegance. The surrounding countryside is less dramatic than the Lake District, but it has a captivating charm which is hard to resist. You will be agreeably surprised with a part of Cumbria which is not sufficiently well known.

The small town has a fine range of hotels, guest houses, restaurants and pubs. Your stay will be comfortable and the region has its own distinctive cuisine.

The local committee are putting together the last pieces of what will be undoubtedly a stimulating weekend. The programme has a strong cultural and recreational element; but the AGM will give an opportunity to discover more about what has been one of the most momentous years in the history of the Esperanto movement in Britain. And, of course, there will be stimulating lectures and the world premier of a Esperanto translation of a famous mystery play.

If you have been hesitating, take action now. Send that form to the organisers and quickly book your accommodation, for Easter is now on the horizon and many people will be heading towards Cumbria.

Please tell your friends overseas about Appleby 2000; It, in the words of Michelin, is worth a journey! Guests from abroad pay no conference fee. But Esperanto-speakers from Britain cannot complain about distance, for Appleby is at the centre of mainland Britain. Look at the map and you will see what I mean! It is also small enough for it to be the Esperanto capital of Britain during Easter weekend! And I almost forgot to mention that the river Eden flows through the town. No wonder the countryside is so beautiful!

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