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EAB Archive 2000-00-00 New Director Paul Hewitt

New Director Appointed

Paul Hewitt who lives in Grimsby has been appointed Director of the Esperanto Association of Britain by the Trustees of the Association. The initial contract is 6 months.

Paul took early retirement from the headship of a primary school in Grimsby. He was a mature entrant to teaching after a stint in the merchant navy and commerce. He trained for teaching at Bishop Otter College, Chichester.

Paul has been involved with the Esperanto movement for the past 30 years and believes that the international role of Esperanto is of primary importance. He is also convinced that there is still a place for idealism in a tough world and that Esperanto makes a real contribution to human understanding. He "still feels like a 25 year old" and is already giving thought to the challenging future which faces the Association! Paul's other interests include cycling and organic gardening. EAB wishes him well in his new post.

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