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Roots/Routes of English

A request for info from the BBC was received by the Office who directed the enquiry to David Bisset, the Publicity Chair. After a very positive discussion he asked the BBC to contact Paul Hewitt for further information.

Paul has been involved in dialogue for several weeks. The results are very satisfactory: accurate and positive information concerning Esperanto has now appeared in the BBC publication, "The Roots/Routes of English" which supplements the prestigious programme with the same title being broadcast on Radio 4.

Another cause for pleasure is the interview with the eminent Esperantist Peter Danning, which is on an accompanying CD. Well done Paul!

John Buchanan Prize

The award of the John Buchanan Prize in Esperanto is open to matriculated students and graduates of the University of Liverpool and of any approved University of the British Commonwealth and to all persons who have been engaged in teaching for not less than one year in any recognised school in the United Kingdom.

The value of the prize is £150, which is to be used for the purpose of travel abroad for the study of Esperanto.

The prize may not be awarded more than once to the same competitor.

Entries must be submitted to the Registrar by 1 May 2000

Candidates are required to present an original essay in Esperanto of at least 1000 words on ONE of the following subjects:

and to translate into Esperanto a passage (of not less than 500 words) chosen by the candidate. This must be taken from a leader, or a general article, in one of the following newspapers: "Daily Telegraph", "Guardian", "Times" or "Independent", or from a technical journal of national standing. (The candidate must attach a copy of the source document to the translation)

Candidates must also submit a declaration that entries are their own unaided work.

M.D.Carr, Registrar, The University of Liverpool, PO Box 147, Liverpool, L69 3BX

Note by Don Lord: "This is an extremely important business for the Esperanto movement in Great Britain, and I urge you to enter it. The University is being most helpful and co-operative, and it would be a shame if Esperantists let this opportunity, particularly in the millennium year, slip away"

Esperanto E-Bookshop

Esperanto has many more publications available than the non-specialist thinks. The Esperanto Association of Britain is always ready to supply you with requested titles from stock or by obtaining them from other countries. The best way to enquire about availability and price is by a telephone call to HQ.

However, the Association has no objection to your ordering directly from UEA or from FEL. In fact, FEL (Flemish Esperanto League) has by far the most professional on-line bookshop in the Esperanto community. It carries a large stock and accepts net credit card payments.

Why not have a look? You will be impressed and sometimes will be able to read reviews of the books in Esperanto. Even if you are reluctant to use credit cards for on-line transactions, you will increase your knowledge of Esperanto publications and at least be able to give Ipswich the correct bibliographical details!

Click on

New Esperanto Word Processor now available

John Hoyne, a member of the committee of the Scottish Esperanto Association and a computer scientist, has just produced what may be the first Esperanto word processor.

It deals easily with special Esperanto characters (which are tightly integrated with it); replaces other methods of producing characters rapidly, such as the X-convention; and has all the characteristics of a medium-sized word processor, which is also suitable for work in English.

Download it now (4MB) and possess a useful word processor for many routine tasks (and some not so routine!) plus an invaluable Esperanto tool. It is freeware and the latest of the free Esperanto software which John has on his site. Turn your browser to:

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