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EAB Archive 2000-00-00 Directors report

Progress Report from Director

At this stage of our development there are 2 essential strands to our activity. The first is connected to our change of premises and the second concerns preparing ourselves for future activity.

It was essential that our move to our temporary premises in Ipswich proceeded with a minimum of disruption. This has been achieved and particular thanks are due to Eric Walker, Fraser and Doreen Dunbar and Joyce Bunting.

Our next priority has been to ensure that we have appropriate administrative systems in place and that we are fully prepared for our move to permanent premises in the relatively near future.

The second strand of our activity has been to prepare for sustained publicity work to raise the consciousness of the public about Esperanto and its value. It is a sad fact that the association has done little regular publicity work in the recent past. There have of course been a number of very interesting initiatives but no real overall plan for activity.

We now have a strategy, a plan and a budget for activity which it is anticipated will continue for a 3 to 5 year period. It is also formulated in such a way as to not be totally dependant on any individual and should continue even with the inevitable changes of personnel and trustees which are bound to arise.

A major part of my time has been taken up with this work. It is relatively easy to produce publicity materials but the problems arise with distribution. Therefore we have created a considerable bank of information which will help with this work i.e. addresses of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, Local Education Authorities, other educational organizations and publications, members of parliaments, political parties etc. Work is continuing on this but we are now in a position to send press releases/information to a whole range of bodies. A limited programme of advertising in a variety of publications is being undertaken and we are closely monitoring the results.

Sue Ralph has agreed to be coordinator for the Free Course and we are now monitoring the success of the course.

Paul Hewitt

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