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EAB News : guidelines for submissions

EAB News Website - Guidelines for Submissions

The "news" page of the EAB website aims to show visitors to the site that EAB and its members are active in organising/running/participating in Esperanto-related events. Its hidden agenda is to demonstrate - by example - that British Esperantists do actually use their Esperanto.

Since some of the website's visitors may be curious about Esperanto but not yet speak it, these reports are written in English and are deliberately concise (so 3 - 4 paragraphs are sufficient, although longer reports are of course welcome).

The website news page aims not to compete with EAB Update or La Brita Esperantisto, because (unlike those publications) the website is targeted partially at non-EAB members and non-Esperanto speakers.

A photo or two is always helpful as they add colour; please provide those as separate attachments and don't worry about embedding them within the text.

Please e-mail news submissions and announcements to, or use the contact/feedback form on the EAB website (remembering to select the "for webmaster" option).

The webmaster and the EAB trustees do reserve the right to decline or amend submissions which do not relate to the theme of "British Esperantists organising/running/participating in Esperanto-related events", or which would damage the reputation of the Association. (There are other websites, blogs and fora that cater for news, views and debate about more general issues related to Esperanto.)

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