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EAB Event: the structure of a Drondo weekend.

Drondo (Diskut-rondo)

Drondo (diskut-rondo) is a discussion circle, where various themes are explored and debated, in Esperanto. It is an ideal opportunity for more experienced Esperanto-speakers to practice using the language, in real (and occasionally lively) debate, and tackling richer topics than the average conversation circle for beginners. Sometimes a parallel Drondido session is run for post-beginners, who want to build their language confidence with simpler topics.

The group discusses social, political and philosophical themes during the weekend, based on tried-and-tested themes, with notes on the discussion topics provided beforehand. They follow the pattern of (English-language) discussions organised by Dr. Derek Tatton which have created lively debate in the Blue Mugge Pub in Leek in previous years. For more information on the English-version Open Democracy Discussion Circles, see their website.

Where possible, the event takes place in parallel with other Esperanto-themed events or courses at the same venue, so that all Esperantists attending the events can enjoy meals and social events together.

Previous Drondo weekend sessions have explored the following themes:

For the dates and locations of future Drondo events, see the EAB events list

Tim Owen, one of the Drondo organisers Deep in discussion
The Esperanto continues during teabreaks and mealtimes The Esperanto continues during teabreaks and mealtimes

Follow this link to read a review (in Esperanto) of a previous Drondo weekend.

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