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The British Esperanto Congress 2013 - Online Payment

The 2013 British Esperanto Congress is at the King's (community) Theatre in King's Church, in Ramsgate from 2013 May 10th to 12th. For more details and news about the event, see the congress' own website.

The three-day congress ticket is £50.00, or £25.00 (approx €30) for students, young people (under 30 years) and visitors to the Britain. (Whether that price includes refreshments or meals is still to be finalised).

You can pay your congress subscription by debit or credit card using EAB's online payment facility; EAB will then forward your subscription to the congress secretary.

If we need to contact you about your booking this will normally be by e-mail; if you prefer to be contacted by phone (instead of email) please register that preference, below, and give your phone number in the "cardholder's details - Telephone" or "additional instructions" box at the checkout.

The congress ticket itself does not include overnight accommodation, which you will need to arrange yourself. The Visit Thanet (local Visitor Information Services) website lists local hotels. The forum on the congress website has a topic "Loĝado" [Accommodation] which also discusses and lists some options. [Earlier versions of this booking page mentioned that EAB might organise a block-booking of hotel rooms, but this has not proved possible.]

Because the congress has now taken place, we are no longer taking online bookings.

The payment options were:

Congress ticket - book for all three days:
£50.00 Congress ticket (UK resident and over 29)
£25.00 Congress ticket (visitor to UK or student or under 30)
or book to attend a single day:
£10.00 Day ticket for single day
Optional Extras:
£00.00 Register vegetarian preference
£00.00 Register telephone contact preference (rather than e-mail)

If possible, please use a debit card for orders over £14.00 (as our card transaction fees are lower, so more of your payment will go to the congress).

For terms and conditions of online orders and payments, see the EAB Bookshop page. The above items have no shipping charge.

If you want to include some books, CDs, DVDs or sundries from the EAB bookshop as part of your order, just add those to the shopping cart too, before proceeding to the checkout.