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EAB Event 2015-03-07 to 08: Lernu! and Lernu plu! courses

EAB Spring Courses for beginners and intermediate students

Lernu! and Lernu plu! are weekend Esperanto courses for beginners and intermediate students respectively. You can read about them in the course brochure, here (link).

To book a place on either course, click the appropriate button, below. Please note that these items do not include overnight accommodation, which you will need to arrange separately, but they do include taxi/mini-bus transport between the course venue Esperanto House and the nearby Travelodge at Trentham, along with lunch on the Saturday and Sunday and an evening meal at a local restaurant on Saturday evening, outside of drinks. (For more details about that arrangement, please see the course brochure.)

Book your place:
£36.00* (inc. VAT) Lernu!
£36.00* (inc VAT) Lernu plu!

If possible, please use a debit card for orders over £14.00 (as our card transaction fees are lower, so more of your payment will go to support EAB's activities).

For terms and conditions of online orders and payments, see the EAB Bookshop page. The above items marked * have no shipping charge.

If you want to include some books, CDs, DVDs or sundries from the EAB bookshop catalogue as part of your order, just add those to the shopping cart too, before proceeding to the checkout. But when you attend the course itself in Esperanto House, you will also have an opportunity to browse and buy (and then you will save yourself any shipping costs on the items you buy!).

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