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EAB Event 2012-07-10: Westminster event promoting Esperanto

Invite your MP to an Esperanto event on their doorstep

In preparation for Esperanto Day 2012 a meeting is being held at Westminster, to promote Esperanto’s educational value. The good news that the House of Commons Library has recently added a copy of the Concise Encylopedia of Original Esperanto Literature to its holdings will also help our campaign to gain recognition for Esperanto.

If you wish to contact your MP to ask them to attend they can be contacted if you click onto this link. Please ask them to attend at 7 pm, on 10th July, in Room 0, at Portcullis House.

You can also ask them to attend by writing to the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

If you wish to send a weblink to your MP to illustrate Esperanto’s propaedeutic value, you may wish to use either this one [YouTube video of Tim Morley at a TEDx conference] or this one [an Australian university course on Apprentice Language learning, doesn't work in some browsers].

The more MP's who attend this meeting, the more seriously the need for an international language will be taken.

Please write to your MP if you are able.

Many thanks for your help.

Brian Barker, Publicity Officer – EAB.

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