La Granda Kaldrono - John Francis

book cover

An epic novel which moves constantly between the two Word Wars: many layered, linguistically adroit, exciting, essentially Scottish, modernistic and about the human condition.

This e-book is available in two versions - one with Esperanto accented letters (i.e. original orthography with diacritics), the other in h-code (where Esperanto's accents have been substituted by the letter "h" - e.g. "ĉ" appears as "ch"). This is because certain versions of e-readers do not display the Esperanto alphabet correctly.

To check whether your e-reader can handle the Esperanto accented letters in this publication, please direct it to these sample texts:

Esperanto-Asocio de Skotlando, Edinburgh, 2017, 592p, e-book.

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