Esperanto Mini-Trio (pack)

book cover

This pack contains the three booklets in the Esperanto Mini-guides series:

The Esperanto Mini-Course takes you through the basics of Esperanto in ten lessons. 100 short sections offer explanations and exercises, covering all you need to know to begin using the language. When you've worked your way through that, there are two reading exercises and a translation exercise. Answers to the exercises are available online, and you can also apply for help from a tutorif you get stuck. EAB, Barlaston, 2009, 32p, 15cm. ISBN 9780902756281.

The Esperanto Mini-Dictionary is a compact size and an ideal travelling companion. It contains useful, basic core vocabulary with 3000 translations in each direction, and a practical grammar summary. EAB, Barlaston, 2009, 15cm, 64p. ISBN 978-0-902756-29-8.

The Esperanto Mini-Grammar gives clear, compact and non-technical overview, alphabetically arranged with explanations and examples of usage. EAB, Barlaston, 2010, 64 pages, 15cm. ISBN 9780902756328.

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